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some people are too funny...

Under the fan review section of the re-release for "The Shape of Punk to Come" somebody called Refused "emo".

Not that there's anything wrong emo, but where on earth does that label come into play, especially considering the manic pace of albums prior to this, and the hard-driving riffs and experimental aspects of the Shape of Punk to come.

and now I must go off topic for a second with an editorial. So if you don't care, stop reading now:

Emo bashing is all too common practice these days. Before you dismiss emo, ask yourself, have you heard everything from Rites of Spring to The Gloria Record? If you have, and you still think emo sucks, then by all means, voice that educated opinion, however if your knowledge isn't as vast as that, then please, either put up or shut up.

another complaint is that emo is "too weak". Really? Cursive rocks out harder than most punk bands these days. Desaparacidos creates that frightening sound that bands like the Exploited and The Unseen always talk about.

I grew up in Boston going to see bands like The Unseen, Toxic Narcotic, Pinkerton Thugs, and so on, from about the time when I was ten to about 18. I was in a scene where anything but punk rock was immediatley shunned. Over that time period, I broke away from the scene and began to realize that all this emo-bashing was quite unjustified and eventually I began to like it.

emo, like every kind of music has some great bands, but a lot of bad ones too. the point here is, don't shut your mind to music. You never know what you're missing.
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