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Have you guys heard 93 Million Miles? They consist of Dennis Lyxzen, Jon Brannstrom (from Refused, of course), Anders Johansson, and Jonas Ericksson. I guess they were only together for a short amount of time and only played a couple of shows, since their cd only has 5 songs on it... But I still think it's pretty good, and you guys should check it out...

This is taken from Interpunk's website:

"93 Million Miles From Sun played a mere handful of shows and recorded twice. The first time was in 1997 - two songs for the "Love Is A Dog From Hell" compilation cd [simba/blue eyes]. The second was early in 1998 for the 7" on Simba. Both had only 1000 pressed and are now collectors items. This is all five songs on one CDEP, finally back in press and ready to be part of the Refused legacy.

Like a well-planned assassination. Like cynanide coated candy, vicious and catchy, the harmonic sensibility of Burth Bacharach with the vocal intensity of Ian Mackaye. With Dennis going on to front world-reknown act - The(International) Noise Conspiracy this release clearly shows the stepping stones taken from Refused to INC. This CDEP is a vital part of Refused's eclectic history and is long-overdue in coming out. This reissue of the 7" along with the bonus tracks from the compilation cd has all new artwork with photos by final Refused bassist Ulf Nyberg. The Refused family... as incestuous as can be, but my oh my, they produced, and continue to create, some wonderful music..."

Just thought I would share this with you guys....
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